James Walker

Co-Director & Exercise Physiologist

James Walker is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. In 2017 he opened Revolv Health with co-director Thomas Le Huray, with a goal to provide accessible healthcare that is not only evidence-based but also compassionate and socially responsible. James Walker graduated with a 4-year Bachelor of Exercise Physiology from Murdoch University and is fully accredited with ESSA (Exercise and Sport Science Australia). James has gathered experience from Fiona Stanley's cardiac outpatient gym, as well as Neuromoves spinal rehabilitation and athlete rehab at Western Force Rugby Club. He has also worked as a Strength Coach for East Fremantle Football Club.


Thomas Le Huray

Co-Director & Exercise Physiologist

Thomas Le Huray graduated from Murdoch University in 2017 as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. He then joined with James Walker to found Revolv Health, with the focus of providing high quality clinical exercise interventions for the neighboring community. After completing his 4-year Bachelor of Exercise Physiology, Thomas then continued his studies with an Honours research program operating out of Fiona Stanley Hospital in collaboration with the South Metropolitan Health Services Burns unit. He has gathered experience from a wide variety of locations, ranging from high-risk cardiac patients at Fiona Stanley Hospital, to professional athletes during his practicum spent with Perth Glory Football Club. Thomas strives to bring the best possible outcomes to each of his patients, with a strong belief in building self-efficacy and sustainable changes for a happier, healthier life.